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PINTUCO S.A., hereinafter, and for purposes of this Policy, referred to as the Company, communicates it's Personal Data Protection Policy to its stakeholders:

Personal data held by the Company, in its capacity as responsible and/or manager as the case may be, shall be treated in compliance with the principles and regulations established in Colombian law, existing national legislation and good practices applicable upon the Personal Data Protection Scheme, in accordance with provisions determined by the Personal Data Protection Policy defined below. 

Personal data held by the company shall be treated in accordance with the following general purposes: 

  • For the fulfillment of obligations and/or commitments arising from relations whether contractual or not, existing with its stakeholders.
  • For the fulfillment of legal obligations involving its stakeholders’ personal data. 
  • For commercial management and relationship with its stakeholders. 
  • For the prospective analysis of trends and preferences of its stakeholders in relation to their goods and/or services. 
  • To prospectively know the needs of its stakeholders in order to innovate and meet them. 
  • To provide its stakeholders with information about the Company´s goods, services, publications, training events, business activities and advertising associated with its business activity, whether goods and/or services. 
  • To deploy corporate social responsibility activities towards its stakeholders. 
  • To be treated by the Company, its subsidiaries, subordinated, related and linked companies by virtue of corporate, contractual or legal relationships. 
  • To share it among subsidiaries, subordinated, related and linked companies or with third parties and to provide data on the fulfillment or breaching of legal and contractual obligations directly or through public bodies exercising surveillance and control functions

Anyone being a stakeholder, as a holder or legitimately authorized, in relation to the treatment of his/her personal data, has the right to exercise the following actions recognized by law regarding Personal Data Protection and Habeas Data, namely: 

  • Knowing, updating and correcting his/her personal data before those responsible for the treatment. This right may be applied, inter alia, upon partial, inaccurate, incomplete, fractional data, which induce an error, or those whose treatment is expressly prohibited or not authorized.
  • Requesting proof of the authorization granted to the person in charge of the treatment, except when expressed as a requirement for treatment, in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of Act 1581 of 2012.
  • Being informed by the person responsible for the treatment, upon request, with respect to the use that has been given to his/her personal data.
  • Submitting to the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce complaints due to infringements of the provisions of Act 1581 of 2012 and other rules amending, adding or supplementing it.
  • Revoking the authorization and/or requesting deletion of the data when principles, rights and constitutional and legal guarantees are not respected in the Treatment. Revocation and/or suppression will proceed when the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce has determined that in the treatment the responsible or manager has incurred in conduct contrary to the law and the Constitution.
  • Accessing free of charge his/her personal data that have been subject to treatment. (Article 11 of Act 1581 of 2012)

Databases will have a validity term equal to the period in which the purpose of the treatment is maintained, which in any case shall be a reasonable term.

To enforce the right to habeas data, the owner of the personal data or who shows a legitimate interest as stated in the current regulations, can do so through the link at the end of our privacy policy or by visiting  in the Contact Us (CONTACTANOS) section. Those enforcing the right to Habeas Data must accurately supply the contact details for the purpose of processing and responding to their request and deploying the charges for the exercise of their rights.

Upon receipt of the Habeas Data request, the Company shall respond in the legal term of ten (10) business days, which may be extended for five (5) additional business days, prior to the communication to the person exercising this right, in accordance with legal provisions.

Treatment of personal data carried out by the company according to this policy shall be made based on the rule, procedures, and instructions adopted by this institution for the fulfillment of the legislation applicable to personal data protection.

To have access to the right of Habeas Data and to have an answer to your request, you must click on the following link (“CONTACT US” )

Review date: 2018/23/01